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Fullstack Software Engineer

Jan 2, 2023

The Role

Electric Capital is looking for a talented engineer who

  1. has experience building big data systems,
  2. has entrepreneurial drive, and
  3. wants to work at the frontier of blockchain technology and cryptonetworks

Your mission is simple: build projects that benefit the crypto community, our portfolio companies, and our fund operations. You will work closely with our investment team, and you will be responsible for quickly iterating, prototyping, and launching new crypto products.

Our goal is to build several products in a few areas where we or our founders have identified the need for better solutions. This includes:

We are entrepreneurs ourselves, and as such, you may have the opportunity to spin off a company of your own, supported by Electric and our network. Joining us is a great way for you to meet like-minded crypto builders, contribute to the ecosystem, and further your career in this new field.

This is a role for you if…

Technologies we use


We’re even more interested in chatting if...