Web3 Founders See the Future. We Work With Them to Build It.

Web3 founders need a new kind of partner. One with deep understanding of community governance, token economics, cryptography, and distributed systems.

Hands-on Protocol Expertise


Founders leverage Electric's deep knowledge of governance frameworks, and can rely on us to participate actively.


We work closely with founders to stake tokens and provide liquidity where and when they need it.


Founders work closely with Electric to craft the best tokenomics for their product and community.

Custom Solutions

Founders can lean on our engineering and design teams to build, improve, or optimize infrastructure and user-facing products.

Product & Strategy Guidance

Design Service

We hired a team of world-class designers that founders can lean on for product design, UI/UX reviews, and more.

Interview Design

Great founders need great teams. We've interviewed hundreds of people at top tech companies, and can help teams design robust interview loops.

Metrics Design

Founders need to focus on the right metrics for their protocol. Our technical team can help identify and dashboard the metrics that matter most.

Thoughtful Community Building

A Global Village

Founders join a world-class community that spans other Web3 founders, Web2 founders, and industry experts. These groups come together for intimate dinners and events.

Protocol Partnerships

We proactively look for opportunities to connect great founders and communities to one another.